Johnny Scope
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Johnny Scope provides a greatly needed innovation to the world of poker.

This patented one of a kind device is equipped with a zero loss image transfer system, a built in LED that provides optimal lighting, and an optional magnifier that is available with 3 grades of magnification.

If you play Texas Hold'em, Omaha or Stud the Poker Scope was engineered for your needs.

The ability to look at your cards in a discrete manner may give you the edge you need.

Having an ergonomically engineered device for the poker table can transform your reads and style of play.

   Light up and Magnify your Poker Cards
   Keep your cards safe
   Zero Loss Image Transfer
   LED Lighting System
   Magnification - 3 grades
   Legal for use in Casino Poker Rooms

How To   |   Its Legal   |   Buy It   |   History   |   Contact

The Poker Scope

The Poker Scope